Software Configuration:

  • phone.csv – This file stores the Telegram account phone numbers that you want to use for sending messages.
  • Sessions folder – A folder to store Telegram account sessions so you can use them again later without logging in again.
  • usernames.txt – This file will contain the list of Telegram usernames to whom you want to send your message.
  • inlinebutton.txt – This file is to set your button text along with the link in the format: button text – button URL. It does support multiple buttons; you just have to save multiple buttons in a row in inlinebutton.txt.
  • mpic.jpg – This is the image where you can add more details about your product. The script will automatically create a message along with a button and media.
  • – This file supports adding captions along with messages. If you wish to add a caption, include your text within the quotes. To have the software create a message without a caption, simply leave the text empty between the quotes in
  • report.txt – This file is for statistics, where you can see which usernames from usernames.txt received messages successfully. The username will be stored in this file after sending a message to that Telegram username.
  • log.txt – It functions as a tracker to record the number of phone numbers used from phone.csv along with usernames used from usernames.txt. Below, I have explained how it works with three examples:

ex1>  0,0: It selects the first number from phone.csv and the first username from usernames.txt

ex2> 3,9: It will select the 4th number from phone.csv and the 10th username from usernames.txt

ex3> 200,5000: It will select the 201st number from phone.csv and the 5001st username from usernames.txt.


One-Time Login: Support multiple account logins in a telethon session so you don’t need to login again and again. Moreover, support all types of telethon sessions to load accounts.

Scraper With Filter: Get the scraper option to scrape username details from any public or private group with a portal (private group) too, with recently online, day, week filter to get recently active username data to target.

Anti-Spam Spam Solution: Earlier, due to spam messages, Telegram used to ban accounts, but not in this software, as the software creates a new message every time it starts sending it to the user so that it can avoid getting detected by Telegram and hence avoid any ban initiated by a message spam issue.

Smart Progress Tracking: You can keep track of the number used and username and also change it according to our needs, and it will keep updating for the next number automatically.

Run seamlessly: The latest version has a smart algorithm to skip and handle accounts with logout or ban issues so that software can keep running even when a few accounts get banned.

Stats: Get all successful receiver data in one place to avoid targeting the same user multiple times.


What is Telegram Private Message Software used for?

It is advanced Telegram marketing software that is used for sending private DMs in individual chats rather than in groups, significantly increasing the chances of getting responses for your business and product on Telegram effectively.

Does This Software Work With New Update On Telegram For Mass DMs?

Of course, the whole point of creating an updated version is to make it work. This software has all the necessary updates that make your campaign keep going even after the latest news update from Telegram. Message @tmssupportbot on Telegram to get more details

Can I run this software on multiple systems?

Yes, our software comes without any license to provide a smoother experience upon installation and running it on different systems.

Do you offer a free trial to test your software?

Unfortunately, since our software doesn’t come with a license, we don’t usually offer any free trials. However, you can watch a complete demo video on the top of the page to understand how it works.

From where will I get an account to keep sending messages?

Don’t worry, we do provide a trusted Telegram account vendor with our guide once you buy the software. From there, you can continue buying and using accounts in our software. They provide Telethon sessions so you can run them directly without logging into the account manually.

Do I have to keep paying to keep using the software?

No, all our software comes with a one-time payment, which means you just have to pay once and you unlock unlimited access for a lifetime without paying any extra fees.

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