Telegram Group to Group Members Adding:

Also known as Telegram Group Scraping Services, where group member from other telegram group added to your group to get attention and increase your product visibility.

Key Advantage

  • Scrap targeted groups: This service involves scraping targeted groups to add members to your Telegram group, ensuring the members added are active and real.
  • Niche-targeted members: The members added are similar to your niche, potentially increasing interest in your product.
  • Scalability: Allows for the creation of sub-groups within your main group to expand your Telegram members database seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related To TG SCRAPING Services?

  1. How To Transfer My Telegram Group Members?
    • You can use a Telegram Group Adding Software, which is available for purchase, if you want to manually transfer members from one Telegram group to another.
  2. Can You Add Telegram Channel Subscribers To Other Telegram Channels?
    • No, this is not allowed due to Telegram’s restrictions on scraping other Telegram channels without admin rights.
  3. How Many Members Can We Add To Our Telegram Group?
    • Up to 100,000 members can be added in 4 days, with an average of 20,000 members per day from any targeted group.
  4. Are Members Transferred From Targeted Groups Active & Targeted?
    • Yes, all members scraped from targeted groups are active and targeted. The service uses filters to ensure only active users are added, and they are checked again before adding to your groups.

Telegram Mass Message (Telegram Bulk DMs)

We send private messages by scraping targeted group members under this service. Telegram Mass DM
services are one of the most demanding services as in these services only those members who are interested
in your products or projects will join making it very organic way to gain members on Telegram.

Key Advantage

  • Targeted private messages: This service allows sending private messages in various formats (e.g., image, text, pdf, video, gif) to members scraped from targeted groups, ensuring that only those who are interested in your products or projects will join.
  • Community growth: It’s a safer method to grow your community without negatively affecting it.
  • High volume capability: The service supports sending a large volume of messages, up to 200,000 messages in a single day for advance orders, with potential for more than 1 million messages over five days for pre-orders.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Telegram Bulk Sending Services?

  1. Can We Scrap Other Telegram Channel Subscribers To Send Them Messages?
    • No, scraping Telegram Channel subscribers without administration rights is not possible. However, you can mass DM your own channel users if you have their user information.
  2. How Many Messages We Are Able to Send in a Single Day?
    • Up to 25,000 messages in a single day for advanced orders, and more than 200k messages within 5 days for pre-orders.
  3. How Do I Get Proof Of Telegram Mass DM’s Services?
    • Proof of service can be provided through short videos of the running software and screenshots demonstrating the messaging process.
  4. How Much Members Will Be Joined From 100k Mass Messages on Telegram?
    • The conversion rate can vary significantly; sometimes clients may get 20,000+ new members from 100,000 messages, while other times, fewer than 500. It largely depends on how appealing the group is and the relevancy of the product to the targeted users.
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